Monash Science Incursion on Natural Disasters

Click on the image to view one of the experiments from our incursion.

Try to describe the process of convection as it occurs in the molten rock.

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On Friday March 10 we went to the beach. A great time was had by all. We participated in many activities.

Castle on the Sand

Describe your favourite activity of the day.

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Welcome to 2016

We hope you have had a wonderful start to the year. Please share what you enjoy about being in this class.

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The Three Little Pigs

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The Bible

We are learning about the Bible this term. Today we tried to show that the Bible can be described as a book made up of lots of book. Here is what our ‘Bible library’ looks like.


Do you know the names of the first and the last books in the Bible?

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Getting Ready To Go Places

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Camp at Phillip Island

Here are some reflections about our time at camp.

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Our Changing Earth Resources

Make sure to visit the Integrated Studies page for resources to help you understand how the Earth changes over time.

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White Night

On the weekend of 21 and 22 February Melbourne city put on an event called ‘White Night’. The city was open from dusk till dawn, with many buildings covered with colourful lights.

As part of our Art, last week, our art piece was based on this event.We created a scene involving the large crowds and the light covered buildings.

Check out the process we followed.

Did you enjoy this activity? What did/didn’t you like about it?
Did you go into the city during ‘White Night’ or have you been in the past?

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Term 2

We have a busy term coming up. We finish off our unit on Gold in which we learned how its discovery changed the development of early Australia. We will go on our long awaited camp – how exciting.

We will start our new unit called ‘Our Place in Space’. We hope to discover lots about our planet and how it fits into the Solar System.

What do you know about our planet or about the Solar System?

earth and moon

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