The Three Little Pigs

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8 Responses to The Three Little Pigs

  1. Isaac 3/4 M says:

    Dear 5/6 WM,
    How did you get the pictures to make the slide? It was a fantastic slide keep it up and keep on posting more interesting things bye
    -Isaac 3/4M

  2. Emily from 5/6WM says:

    Dear Mrs Watkins,

    What a great story about the three little pigs! You should do more of those to let us read and answer questions! This is so cool!

    Emily from 5/6WWM

  3. *-* David*...* says:

    The story and image was really bright and the picture look way more better than the old version of The three little pig. With a funny ending to it when the pig won and the wolf lose.

  4. sophia:) says:

    Dear 3/4WM,
    The slides were interesting, but I feel sorry for the pigs when they get eaten.
    From, Sophia 3/4M

  5. Prep Efe says:

    Hi 5/6 Watkins/Moloney,
    How are you? We learnt about the story of The Three Little Pigs in Term 3. We loved that story. How is your term going?
    From Prep Efe

  6. پشتیبانی آنلاین says:

    Thank you for your great article

  7. Dylan says:

    Dear 5/6WM,
    How do you make that slide show it is really COOL!!!
    From Dylan 3/4m

  8. Lyna says:

    Dear Buddy class ,
    I Love your blog. It’s AWESOME!
    From Lyna ,

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