Class Agreement

5/6WM Class Agreement

We hope that this year our classroom will be productive. We each hope to learn the best we can in a peaceful, respectful classroom. As visitors come into our classroom we hope that they will see enthusiastic students learning in a safe, peaceful but vibrant classroom.

Be sensible

We are seniors of the school and as such the other children will follow our example. If we are sensible in what we say and do then this will be a great school.

 We will listen when others are talking

This includes showing we are listening with our body language, face the other person, look at him or her to show they have our attention.

Use appropriate language

We won’t speak disrespectfully because we don’t want to offend others

Walk inside and on the stairs

We don’t want to get hurt or hurt others accidentally

 Don’t throw things

The objects may break, or hurt someone if we accidentally hit someone with it

 Work together

This will allow us to learn together. We can learn more and get work done quicker if we work together.

 Respect others’ property

This includes our own property, things we borrow from other students and things we borrow from the school. We don’t draw over them, throw them or do anything that could damage them.

Raise our hand when needed

This way our classroom will remain organized and peaceful. There will be less noise so others can remain on task.

Keep the classroom tidy

so we can find things easily and we don’t have to step over others’ belongings if they are on the floor. It will also make our classroom more pleasant to work in and visit.

4 Responses to Class Agreement

  1. (--> John B says:

    These class rules seem like they work :3

  2. Raymond L. says:

    These rules are very appropriate indeed.

  3. calvin L says:

    we need to do it alot

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